Monday, October 12, 2015

Slime Season: An Evening with Young Thug

    This past Sunday evening, Jeffery Williams, professionally known as Young Thug, stopped by the House of Blues in Boston, in promotion of his upcoming debut album Hy!£UN35 (pronounced “Hi-Tunes”.)
     The evening began with an opening set from up-and-coming R&B singer Tory Lanez. Though Lanez’ buzz is still relatively small, he worked the crowd as if he was the headliner. Just 23 years old, his charisma and apparent comfort on stage would have you presuming he’s been touring for decades. Lanez was constantly interacting with the audience, teaching them his choruses and spending multiple songs surfing through the general admission pit, all without missing a single note. By the end of his set, he had thoroughly commanded the attention of everyone in the room, winning over anyone that might have been on-the-fence at the beginning of his set. He exited the stage to thundering applause and left no doubts that he is well on his way to stardom.
     Following about 30 minutes of mediocre DJ sets, the man of the evening entered the stage to near-deafening screams of excitement from the crowd. Donning designer sunglasses, a woman’s sun hut, and a peculiar pair of fuzzy toy balls dangling from his belt loop, Thug truly embodied the flamboyant “rockstar” persona that has garnered equal amounts of adoration and disgust from the hip-hop community. Thug rapped his heart out and danced enthusiastically to a set that evenly balanced his earlier singles, guest features, and more recent mixtape cuts. Fans shouted back each of his lyrics so loud that Thug’s voice was barely audible. He didn’t even need to be rapping - Thug’s grip on the crowd was so strong that just his presence was enough to keep the energy levels high.
     Young Thug has built a core following of diehard fans, one that will support him throughout a
decision he makes. His niche as rap’s lovable, eccentric weirdo is only growing bigger, and this evening was only further evidence of such. Young Thug wrapped up his set with his recent single “Best Friend,” receiving a reaction just as warm as smash hits “Lifestyle” and “Danny Glover”.
        Though one might consider the set abnormally short for a headlining slot, the length was barely noticeable. Not a second of the set was wasted, with energy levels so high that the crowd was just as exhausted as they would have been after a 90-minute set from any other artist. If you are even remotely interested in Young Thug’s music, go check out the “Hi-Tunes” tour when it comes to a city near you. You will not be disappointed.

Young Thug performing live